Tuesday, October 17, 2006

the trip

Headed North -
Out the side window -
Fast food news -
The Berry Graveyard in Rye, New Hampshire -
A Concord, Massachusetts graveyard -
Lunch -
My new camera takes photos with such detail that I may think about modifying the way I post a graveyard.   Until now, I've always tried to be careful to transcribe the entire epitaph in my notebook so that I could post it whether it was legible in the gravestone photo or not, mostly because it very often was not.   The photos I took in Rye and Concord show as much detail as I could see there.   It would sure save some time both in recording and in coding and formatting the web pages!   We'll see.   Be sure to click on the gravestone photos above to see what I'm talking about.

Oh, I also notice that we got results back yesterday for D.F. Berry, #76, whose first twelve markers seem to indicate a match with the Benton County Berrys.   I don't recall whether this was the expected result or not.   Well, we'll see if the rest of his 37 markers bear out this match.


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