Friday, October 20, 2006

October 20

New results last night for Walter Michael Berry, #34, of the Berry Plain Berrys.  His YDNA26-37 results came in and are posted.   At 37 markers he is a genetic distance of 3 from James Dennis, #28, and Todd Andrew, #72, and of 4 from Jesse Thomas, #21.

Mike's YDNA26-37 were in batch 167, expected Oct. 11.   His YDNA38-67 results were expected Oct. 9, as were mine, #7, and Charles', #27, all in batch 167.   Maybe it's that range of markers because James', #28, YDNA38-67 are still out and he is in batch 166, due Oct. 2.   The same thing goes for Jonathan, #12, and John E., #55, who are in batch 168, due Oct. 16.

I've neglected to remind you before but I'll remind you now and try to repeat it from time to time,   -  when you get new results in you should remember to go to your FTDNA personal page and click on the button to upload them to YSearch.   It doesn't happen automatically.   Also, I should note that several of you have never uploaded your results at all.   If you would like instructions on how to do it, or would like me to do it for you, just let me know.


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