Thursday, November 09, 2006

Better late than never

Sorry, I'm a little tardy in getting this post up but I was busy selling some law books I had listed on Craig's list.

New results are in for James Dennis Berry, #28, and Jonathan K. Berry, #12.   Y-DNA48-60 markers arrived for Dennis mid-afternoon yesterday completing his 67 markers and are now posted to the Project website.   Dennis is the 4th Project member to have received his full 67 marker results.   His order was in batch 166 and was completed 37 days late.

Y-DNA26-37 markers arrived for Jonathan a little later in the afternoon, another installment on his 67 marker upgrade, likewise posted to the website.   These markers were part of batch 168 and are only 21 days late.   Jonathan still has markers 48-60 unreported.   At 37 markers Jonathan is a distance of 2 from David, #57, and Edward, #71, and a distance of 3 from Brent, #4, and Harold, #62, all Culpeper Co. Berrys, coded aqua.

I believe that I will institute a new procedure related to these upgrade orders.   In the past I have tried to remind you to upload your new markers to YSearch with varying degrees of success.   I think that beginning with these markers and for future upgrades, if you have already uploaded your original markers to YSearch I am going to assume that you would also want these additional markers uploaded and will just do it for you.   Seems to me that that will be a lot simpler and will still be in accordance with your wishes.   Please let me know if anyone disagrees.

Woops!  Well, maybe not.   It seems that I'd need your password to do that.   Rats!   It seemed like such a good idea.   If anyone can think of a way around that impediment, let me know and we'll see if it would work.   But, in the meantime, I'll continue to remind Dennis and Jonathan and anyone else who has uploaded your markers to YSearch and have since gotten additional results:  Please check into your 'My FTDNA' page through the FTDNA website, click on the 'Y-DNA Matches' tab and then click on 'Click here to upload the additional markers to' which you will see in a box just above the matches themselves.   You will then be asked for your YSearch password to complete the upload.   If you have already uploaded all your results you will not find the box I just described.

During the recent 3rd annual Family Tree DNA genetic Genealogy Conference FTDNA announced that if they could not predict your Haplogroup with 100% confidence, they would run your DNA sample through their Back Bone SNP test for free.   Read about the new FTDNA SNP Assurance Program here.

Almost an afterthought  -  but theirs rather than mine.   Overnight we also recieved the Y-DNA26-37 marker results for D.F. Berry, #76, which completes his 37 marker order.   D.F. is a member of the Benton Co. Berrys, coded gold.   I'll have his results posted shortly.


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