Saturday, November 11, 2006

brown again

Yesterday we received Y-DNA61-67 Markers, again they were for C.E. Berry, #77 and William A. Barry, #79, both Barry/Berrys, coded brown.   This makes a total of 54 markers they have had reported, all exactly alike  --  zero genetic distance.   Just what does this mean?   That is the question, isn't it?   Hopefully, some more record genealogy work will give us the answer.   All we know to this point is that they are very closely related.

With the return of these two sets of markers, ALL the remaining tardy markers are YDNA48-60!
 Kit         Name          Batch    EstResultDate 
26075 Walter,#34 167 10/09/2006
15097 Jonathan,#12 168 10/16/2006
50372 John E.,#55 168 10/16/2006
67364 Todd,#72 169 10/23/2006
69605 C. E.,#77 170 10/30/2006
N8296 William A.,#79 170 10/30/2006
Maybe they'll all come in together?

We cannot let this Veterans Day pass without reckoning the cost of "W"'s War.

Since we invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003:
      2,842 U.S. service members killed.

21,485 U.S. service members wounded.

- Iraqi civilian deaths estimated at between 46,915 and 52,021
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