Friday, November 10, 2006

purple, blue and brown

William Martin Berry's, #73, DSNP-R1b test has been returned and he is R1b1c based on these results:  M207+ M173+ M343+ P25+ M269+ M18- M73- M37- M65- M126- M153- M160- SRY2627- M222- P66-.   These results have been posted and, as a reminder, may be accessed by clicking on his haplogroup on either of the yResults pages, or here.

In addition, Y-DNA61-67 markers, the balance of their 67 marker orders, have been received for jim berry, #7, and Charles Redmon Berry, #27, both Augusta/Washington Berrys, coded purple, and for Walter Michael Berry, #34, a Berry Plain Berry, coded blue.

Plus, Y-DNA38-47 Markers for C.E. Berry, #77 and William A. Barry, #79, both Barry/Berrys, coded brown.   This is a puzzle!!   At 37 markers FTDNA says that the likelihood they shared a common ancestor within 6 generations is 93.29%.    They've just added 12 more identical markers so you'd think they must be really close??   The problem is that C.E.'s paper trail goes back nine generations to the 1670s in Virginia, while Bill's paper trail only goes back five generations to 1849 in Ireland with emigration to this country in 1850!?!?   What's going on here?


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