Thursday, January 25, 2007

Berry/Lamoreaux in SMGF

Wahoo!!    Like I said, you guys are good!    Jerry's, #85, kit arrived at FTDNA yesterday and Philip, #10, ordered his Y-Refine37to67 upgrade late yesterday afternoon, both just in time to be sent to the lab last night, thus avoiding the delay of up to a week while sitting at FTDNA waiting for the weekly batch shipment.    Jerry expects to match the Berry Plain Berrys and Philip's searching for a match.    Jerry's results are expected March 9th and Philip's March 12th.

I've mentioned the SMGF Berry/Lamoreaux posting before but I've never detailed it to see if anyone can recognize the person who tested.    I will do so here.

Here's the pedigree that he has posted:                       (Be sure to click on the images)

and here are his markers:

If you recognize this tester, please let me know.


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