Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Savannah 1/1

I've visited a lot of cemeteries in my life but I can't recall any that I thought were as beautiful as Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia.    Take a look at this photo.    Be sure to click on it!This cemetery is just filled with such views, interesting ironwork and statuary, lush vegetation, trees festooned with spanish moss and well kept plots.    Betty and I decided that if we ever decide to be buried this graveyard will be high on our list of choices.

One of these is Gracie Watson's plot -
The story of Gracie.

Here are some of the Berry families in Bonaventure cemetery.    Each of these stones is from a separate family plot and, since it was New Year's Day, the office was closed so I have no idea that I've found even most of the Berrys here.    I could only impose on Betty's good will long enough to search about one third to one half of the cemetery.

You don't see as many of the Woodmen of the World tree monuments in the East as you do out West but here's the one I found at Bonaventure -

This photo of spanish moss lighted by street light was taken later this same evening across from the scene of my one disappointment for the trip -Before we left home I had found through an internet search that folks held a regular Old Time Jam every Monday evening at 7:00 at The Sentient Bean, a coffee house on Park Street in Savannah.    I arrived early so as not to interrupt after they'd gotten started so I took this photo while I waited.    I went in at the appointed time only to learn that they had decided, for whatever reason, to cancel for that night.    Bummer!

and finally, my favorite sign!I may decide to use it whenever I have 'Hot Now' DNA news to serve up.


Blogger Unknown said...

is that the same cemetery that is on the cover of 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"?

10:36 PM  
Blogger langolier said...

It is. Unfortunately, when the book became a bestseller people began flocking to Bonaventure Cemetery to see the sculpture depicted on its cover. Due to concern about the amount of traffic at the grave site, the statue of the Bird Girl was removed from the cemetery and later loaned to the Telfair Museum of Art in Savannah for public display.

11:08 PM  
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