Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Swiss Beery family

The balance of Michael Beery's, #69, Y-DNA37 results came in yesterday, only 5 days after the last offering and still better than a week early, not having been expected until 1/31/07.

You will recall that Michael is our only hap G participant but that Richard, #82, whose results are not expected back until March 9th, is expected to match Michael.    Being haplogroup G with all the other Berry families either haplogroup I or R it's not surprising that Michael is a genetic distance of 13 from the next nearest Berry.

Michael, and any others who have received new results, should remember to upload them to ySearch.    That's very easily done.    Simply go to your Y-DNA Matches tab on your FTDNA personal page where you will see "Click here to upload the additional markers to Ysearch.org".    Do so and that's all there is to it.


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