Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Agony of DNA

That's when new results dash your hopes and expectations and send you back to the drawing board!    That's what happened last night to Richard, #82, who expected to match Michael, #69.    Not only are their haplotypes decidedly different, a genetic distance of 34, their haplogroups don't match, being R1b1 and G2, respectively.

The only thing good about DNA telling you that you don't match the line that you thought you did (or might) is that you now know to concentrate your efforts elsewhere.    Sorry guys!

One interesting thing about Richard's haplotype is that it contains a fairly obvious recLOH event, which, while not important to this comparison, might be at some point in the future.

As I may have mentioned before, those of you who have gotten new results, be sure to upload them to ySearch by clicking the 'Click here to upload to Ysearch.org' line in the 'Y-DNA Matches' tab on your FTDNA Personal Page.    If that line's not there you've already done it.    If it is there, click it.

Also, everyone who hasn't yet done so should go to your FTDNA Personal Page, click on the 'Setup Preferences' tab and select your matches to be set against the entire database so that you may see matches that may be of interest to you but are not in the Berry Project.


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