Thursday, February 08, 2007

Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys cladogram

My lay interpretation of this cladogram is that Sterling, jim and Keith represent the older line of this family, from which, at various times, the others have branched off.    It also appears that John is a younger sub-branch of the Wendell/Jerry branch.

Only jim, Charles, #27 and John have tested to 67 markers (with no differences in the 38-67 subset) so we can't tell whether there would be a further branching of the Sterling, jim and Keith group with additional markers.

How does all this correlate with the ancestries listed below?    At first blush it doesn't seem to.    But maybe, as seems to be our constant refrain, we just need more folks to have tested more markers for it all to become clear.
Or maybe more markers won't make it any more clear.

I was hopeful that Colleen Fitzpatrick would have commented on our cladogram and I would be able to pass her remarks on to you.    But apparently not to be.    When (if) she does I will share them with you.


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