Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

More new results and other news.    Y-DNA13-25 marker results came in for Robert, #43, finishing his Y-DNA37 order.    In addition, I've been busily forming new families from the matching pairs, both within the Project and also borrowing from SMGF.

These new families are posted to both the numerical yResults page and the family yResults page, and I've also made up new family yAncestry pages for the New Jersey Berrys, made up of Laurence, #9, and Ron, #86, the Swiss Beerys, made up of Michael, #69, and SMGF Biery/Pomeroy, the Gum Branch Berrys, comprised of Norman, #74, and SMGF Barry/Thomas, and the English Colony Berrys, consisting of Robert, #43, and Lawrence, #61.

Robert's results also offer a prime opportunity for a good lesson on the value of testing sufficient markers.    Remember back on January 29 when we were discussing Robert, #43, or earlier, both times when he only had 12 markers back, and how he seemed to be related or possibly related to any number of people?

Compare that to Robert,#43, on the current genetic distance table:One match!    The value of a haplotype of sufficient markers to discriminate.


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