Saturday, February 10, 2007

67 marker Overview

This isn't working out exactly as I planned.    I thought I would run a cladogram of the twelve 67 marker haplotypes that we have in the Project and, although it's so large that I had to do it in pieces and paste them together, I thought you'd just be able to click on the reduced image to see it full sized.    Oops.    I'm afraid that you'll have to look at it in sections.

First, this is the entire cladogram.    The one I thought you could click on to expand it to full size.    You will have to click on it but it will only give you a still reduced image that you'll have to use to locate the various Berry families relationship to one another.Each of those little marks you see between people is a mutation.

This is the Augusta/Washington Co. Berry family, from the lower left corner of the overall image.This family is quite some distance from the next and some long lines of mutations have been omitted from between this family and the next, which is . . .

the Culpeper Co. Berry family.
Continuing on we next arrive at the Barry/Berrys and Brian who is just off on a branch by himself.
And finally we arrive at the Berry Plain Berrys.


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