Thursday, February 15, 2007

Project News

Yesterday was Wednesday, the day FTDNA ships batches to the lab.    I like to think that by design two new orders were placed just before the cut off and went right out.    A Y-Refine12to37 upgrade was ordered for Jeffry, #44, and Richard, #82, ordered a DeepSNP-R1b test.

Our unreceived lab results list now looks like this:
Product Test Name Batch EstResultDate
Y-Refine37to67 Y-DNA38-47 Markers Philip,#10 189 3/12/2007
Y-DNA48-60 Markers
Y-DNA61-67 Markers
DYS434 DYS434 Jim,#7 174 11/27/2006
DYS435 DYS435 174
DYS485 DYS485 174
DYS495 DYS495 174
DYS643 DYS643 174

Y-Refine12to37 Y-DNA13-25 Markers Jeffery#44 192 4/04/2007
Y-DNA26-37 Markers
DeepSNP-R1b DSNP-R1b Richard,#82 192 4/02/2007

Y-DNA12 Y-DNA1-12 Markers Gerald#85 189 3/09/2007

Y-Refine25to37 Y-DNA26-37 Markers Cameron#58 191 3/28/2007

mtDNARefine HVR2 Mary Ann Lasley Lewis, #m4 182 3/09/2007
Notice that Mary Ann's date has now slipped from 1/22/2007 to 3/09/2007 with this note added:
This test failed to yield results for your
sample. Your B swab is being run now.
Results from this round of testing are
expected by this date.
and mine is just way past due, without explanation.

FTDNA has added this notice to the Admin's site:
February 13, 2007
Adding members from other labs: At the request of many group administrators, we have agreed to offer a below cost set of tests to allow people that have tested with other labs to get tested with Family Tree DNA and be included in your Surname Project.    The new participant will have to fill this LAB CONVERSION FORM and send it back to our office.    This offer is valid until 3/31/07.
What this does is permit folks who are tested elsewhere to (for a price) have their results added to the FTDNA site.    The purpose being so that Project Admins who only use the site offered by FTDNA can then compare those others to their FTDNA testees.    So long as I manage our independent Berry Project website this isn't necessary for us since I post, group and compare all our Project participants wherever you were tested.    If anyone is interested, though, and you need any assistance, let me know.


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