Wednesday, March 14, 2007

When it rains . . .

More new results!    This time it was Jeff's, #44, Y-DNA13-25 markers portion of his Y-Refine12to37 order, come in a bit early.

New database online!    You'll recall that I mentioned the other day that I've been wanting to put a Strawberry Bank Berrys database online.    Well, I've done some reading and online 'research' and my 20 some folks have swelled to a little over 700 and I've gone ahead and put it online.    It's a little rough.    My new Reunion 9.01 database program has a few glitches still and one shows up here in that my database has no sources with it.    I promise you that they exist and will be there as soon as the Leister folks get it fixed.

I'm hoping to generate some interest from the descendants of that line to join us in DNA testing.    It would not only help to confirm or refute some of the questioned relationships there, but also to see whether that line might be related to any of our others.    Some think that there is a relationship between the Strawberry Bank Berrys and Henry Berry of the Berry Plain Berrys??    Take a look.

Another friendly reminder - If you've been considering upgrading or ordering any new tests where FTDNA already has your DNA sample on hand, take this as a sign that TODAY'S the day to do it.    It will save you up to a week on getting your results back.    Place the order before 4:30 or so this afternoon, Mountain Time, to avoid waiting up to a week additional for the next batch to be shipped out.    Hm-m-m-m-m.    Good idea!    Think I'll go ahead and order those couple or so other advanced order markers I've been looking at.


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