Sunday, May 06, 2007

80th Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival

SunTrust 10K Race

We began Saturday morning, bright and early, with a 10k foot race.    Some took it more seriously than others.
One strollerTwo strollersThree strollers

Grand Feature Parade

Both this parade and the Fireman's parade, as you might have seen from one of yesterday's videos, come up the street toward us and then turn away at our corner.    I tried to catch the flavor of it with some snippets.One of the problems is that folks who live on the parade route use this as an opportunity to entertain.    When you go to visit you often miss 'good stuff' in the parade.    I missed the opportunity to film a wagon carrying three VERY LARGE tigers going by.    The circus is also in town.


The event is obviously run by persons of discrimination and good taste.When our children were small we didn't want them going to the midway by themselves so we told them we'd all go there at the end of the Grand Feature Parade.    That became a family tradition so that now, even with our oldest grandchild in his second year of college and our youngest about to enter high school, we all still do it.    Here goes -This was the downtown walking mall where I usually walk my dogs.    I don't think we'll try it today.


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