Tuesday, May 15, 2007

new participant

We have a new participant.    Mark Berry, #94, is our 99th participant.    Mark is a Genographic transfer which means that he comes in with his first 12 markers already tested.    From his FTDNA distance analysis it would almost appear that he ought to match some of those listed.

Here are the allele values for Mark and those others listed -

But, as we can see here, although Mark is a distance of only 2 in 12 markers from several others, and 3 from the rest, no relationship is suggested -

And finally, our favorite, the infamous Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor -

Would more markers help?    It would be possible but doubtful.    It would almost require that the next 13 markers match another exactly or that the next 25 markers be a distance of only one, or at most, 2, from another.

Whether his yAncestry (hopefully soon forthcoming) suggests a relationship to another of our participants or not might be the determinant in the decision whether to seek more markers.


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