Thursday, May 17, 2007

yes, we do have results

Artie's, #90, Y-DNA1-25 results of his Y-DNA37 order came in yesterday, almost a month before the Est. Result Date.    This leaves his Y-DNA26-37 portion still outstanding and I sort of expect that it and Ken's, #83, Y-Refine25to37 order, both in batch 201, will arrive at the same time since they're the same markers.

You may recall that Artie is my half-3rd cousin and an Augusta/Washington Co. Berry.    Needless to say, since that family is so well represented in the Project with 15 participants, there were plenty of matches!    Nine 25/25 matches and five 24/25 matches.    When his Y-DNA26-37 markers come in I'll do another cladogram to see if that tells us anything more.


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