Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another Augusta/Washington Co. Berry!

Victor Berry, #118, is our newest participant and we wouldn't have known about him except that we got a notice of a match from FTDNA.    Victor and I have exchanged emails for several years but I hadn't been aware that he was even considering testing.

As indicated, Victor is our 118th Y-DNA participant and also our 19th Augusta/Washington Co. Berry.    Victor ordered the 67 marker test and, to date, all but the Y-DNA26-37 panel have been reported.    FTDNA only compares the markers up to the break but we can ignore the break, so we will.

Click here to see the Augusta/Washington Co. Berry markers that we'll compare.    Here you can also see the marker differences (mutations) indicated by the lighter shade.

So here are the Genetic Distances -
and the TMRCA -
When Victor's final panel is reported we'll try some cladograms to see if they tell us anything new.


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