Friday, April 04, 2008


We've been in a bit of a DNA drought lately so it seems like a big deal when we get 12 marker results.    It really isn't.    You all know what I think about 12 marker matches and we have one with these markers.    I hope I'm wrong this time!

Yesterday Y-DNA1-12 marker results were reported for John, #113.    The big deal with these markers is that they're an exact 12/12 match with Philip, #10, who is an adoptee looking for his family.    These are pretty early, not having been 'expected' until 5/2/2008.    Maybe the next couple batches of John's order will be similarly early and hopefully this will be one of those 12 marker matches that pans out!    On the bright side, a 12 marker match keeps hope alive.


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