Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Dulcimer Week

Anyone remember my SFI project last year?    My $9.95 ebay dulcimer.    Here's what I got done then.    Well, this is SDW again (but I have my Macbook with me) and here's the conclusion to that old story.

Here's that dulcimer with the fingerboard leveled and ready for cutting the fret slots -
Here it is, startng to put in the frets -
And here's the finished product, new frets, new nut, new bridge and new strings -
Too bad I can't play it.

This is also the season for ramps in this area.    As you might have expected if you've followed this blog very long, we made a trip or two to Bob's Hot Dogs.    Here's my Yonker with home fries and ramps -


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