Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Swan Quarter

I may just be putting off doing my income taxes, or I may have a fascination with these seeming 'pockets' of Berrys that seem to gather in an area and pretty much stay there - like the Madison Co. folks and maybe the Benton County and Hawkins Co. Berrys.

Ever since I surveyed the Soule Cemetery in Hyde Co., NC almost five years ago (gosh, it seems like yesterday!) I've been curious about those folks.    So, I decided to do something about it and have put up another database called the Swan Quarter Berrys of some 528 people gleaned primarily from the 1860 to 1930 federal censuses and supplemented with information from the Hyde County GenWeb pages.

As usual, my motivation is the hope that some of these folks will be inspired to test so that we can see whether they really are a separate Berry family or either a part of, or the root of, some other Berry family that we already know about.

If you didn't notice that the 'Swan Quarter Berrys' mentioned above was a link to that new database, here it is again:       Swan Quarter Berrys


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