Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day

I grew up in Bingen, Washington, a town of some 600 people in the Columbia Gorge almost midway between Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams.    All our streets were dirt except for the highway going thru town and the one going up the hill to White Salmon.    I don't suppose that kids do this any more, even in Bingen, but in the early 1940's we always celebrated May Day by making baskets from colored paper strips and library paste, sort of a lattice basket with a handle.    We'd make several of these each, fill them with flowers and leave them on folk's porches, shouting, "May Day", and running away.    Why don't kids still do that?

P.S. - My sister just reminded me that the reason we ran was that we got kissed if we were caught.    Guess I must have repressed that part of the memory.

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