Monday, June 30, 2008

Expiration Day

Today is the day that the FTDNA Upgrade Sale expires!    If you're even thinking that you might someday want to upgrade your markers, do it now!    This sale represents about a 25% price reduction on the most important DNA tool we have, markers.    We recommend for the most informative haplotype that everyone should have at least 37 markers.    At this price, however, you might want to just go ahead to 67.

The thing that I don't know is what time today is too late?    I'm assuming midnight but even then, in what time zone?    I'd suggest not waiting until that's a question.

Just go to your FTDNA Personal Page and click on Order Tests & Upgrades.    On the next page click Standard Orders.    Then, at the bottom of the New Orders for Returning Customers page, choose your upgrade from the drop-down box.    The price reduction is already there.

Since I am urging you to spend your money perhaps I should reiterate here that both Carol and I are unpaid volunteers in this endeavor and that neither of us has any financial interest in your testing.


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