Saturday, June 21, 2008

New member

We have a new Project member!    Donald H. Berry, #120, is our (maybe) 128th member.    I say maybe because James and Michael, ##108 and 109, seem to have wimped out on Brian, who sponsored them, haven't sent their kits back in and now aren't even answering his emails.    I may have to remove them directly.

But, enough of that - back to Don.    Don showed up with 12 markers already in hand and looks to be a possibility for being an Augusta/Washington Co. Berry.    He's also ordered an upgrade to 25 markers so, 12 marker matches being as unreliable as they are, we're withholding judgment on the relationship until the new markers come in.

I should also mention that 'Hiatus' or not is still up in the air.    We do have wifi here at Glenville State College but don't yet know whether it will be available when we go to Marlinton, WV, on Sunday.    If you don't hear from me after Sunday don't forget the Upgrade Opportunity!!! and I'll be back Sunday the 29th.


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