Sunday, June 29, 2008

While I've been gone . . .

As you may have guessed, wifi was 'barely' available in Marlinton.    None at the motel and only occasionally could I 'pirate' a tenuous connection to someone's network off the street.

So  -   while I've been gone we've gotten David's, #40, Y-DNA61-67 panel of his Y-Refine25to67 order.    David is a Fayette Co. Berry, as is John, #113, who has taken advantage of FTDNA's Upgrade Sale to order his Y-Refine37to67 panel.    Too bad his results won't come in until probably mid-August because the Fayette Co. Berrys are holding a reunion on August 2, 2008 that John, David and I all plan to attend.    I'm hoping to have several free SMGF test kits with me to use if we can drum up some additional interest.

Don, #120, has also taken advantage of FTDNA's Upgrade Sale to order his Y-Refine25to37 upgrade.    He had just placed his Y-Refine12to25 order a day or so before they announced their sale.    Sure hope they gave him the sale price for that one, too.    They should.

And a reminder:    Just two more days for each of you to also take advantage of the Upgrade Sale, which expires on the 30th.


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