Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Haven't tested yet?  Do NOT miss this!!

You have only four more days to take advantage of FTDNA's Summer Sale that is indeed Sizzling!!

Note especially the price for the 37 marker test, $119!!

The usual price for their 12 marker test is $99.    The 12 marker test has a high probability for false positives, false matches.    Even the 25 marker test has the possibility for a false match.    The 37 marker test is that which we recommend in this Project to best avoid that possibility.

To see the (almost) complete offering you may Click this Link.   I say 'almost' because their first offering failed to list the 67 marker test which is also included in the sale at $218.

You may order through this link.    If you need any help Email me here.    Unfortunately, I am (again) going to be away from Friday till Monday and I'm pretty sure I won't have any email access this time.    While I'm gone Carol will be very happy to assist you should you need it.    Your last day to take advantage of this opportunity is August 31st.


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