Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Only one more week!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK we get it, your're a OBAMA fan. I assure you that many of your relatives or un-relatives that share your name are not. Your blog would have been fun if you had left the politics out.

David Berry
NRA Life member
US NAVY (retired)
Registered Republican

3:04 PM  
Blogger langolier said...

Strange place to post a comment on Oct. 29 about the election.

I'm actually an Obama supporter for several reasons, primary among which is that I remember John F. Kennedy's election and haven't since felt the optimism and hope in the country that we felt at that time -- not until the candidacy of Barack Obama.

Probably more importantly, though, is that the election of this Republican protege of 'W' would be absolutely disastrous for our country! Even a country as strong as ours cannot survive any more of the bungling that we've had for the past eight years. John McCain has become absolutely erratic over the course of this campaign. If you and your children are better off now than you all were eight years ago you're very fortunate and in a distinct minority in our country.

Barack Obama is an intelligent, thoughtful, steady leader and I will guarantee you that you and yours will be better off four years from now than you are now.

jim berry
USAF (retired)

4:45 PM  

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