Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Several items:

JoAnn is testing her brother, James, who will be #126, our 135th member!    As soon as she is able to get his yAncestry together we'll have some idea whether he expects to match any of our current members.

John's, #113, panels of his Y-Refine37to67 upgrade have been dribbling in 'under-the-radar'.    The order has now been completed and is posted.    John is a
Fayette Co. Berry.

SMGF has just updated their mtDNA and Y-chromosome databases and I have begun the process of combing through them to discover new Berrys and to obtain additional markers posted for those of us already there.    I have (naturally) started with the Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys but, never fear, I'll get to all of them in due course.    James, #102, has 5 additional markers which are now posted.

More exciting, though, are two new Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys, as yet either unidentified or uncontacted.    In the first category is the grandson of Lewis Russell Berry and Anna Mueller.    He matches the Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys 30/30.    Here's his pedigree:If you are this person, or if you recognize him, please contact me.

I also found James Russell Berry who is part of the group we call the Hawkins Co. Berrys who are also part of the larger Augusta/Washington Co. Berry family.    James matches 34/37 and this is his pedigree -I've emailed James.    Hope he responds.

To be continued . . . .


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