Monday, October 06, 2008


That means Dulles to Dallas/Ft. Worth to Portland, Oregon in airport talk.

Bright and early (5:00 a.m.) last Saturday, the 27th, Betty drove me to Dulles for my flight to Oregon to visit my sisters, look in on other relatives, and prowl some graveyards.    I haven't flown much recently and packing for the security check is a different kind of experience.
Dallas is the main hub for American Airlines so most flight cross country go through there or through Chicago.    I prefer Dallas, especially in the snowy winter.
Got to do a bit of sightseeing between Dallas and Portland.    First, the Great Salt Lake, and maybe Salt Lake City.
And then, perhaps a part of the approach to Portland, just south to the Columbia Gorge we flew past Mt. Hood.
And then on into Portland with Mt. Hood in the distance
So after an uneventful flight (the best kind to have) my sister, Peg, picked me up at the airport.


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