Monday, November 17, 2008

G1G1 2008

Some of you may remember this program from last year.    Founded by MIT professor Nicholas Negroponte as a vehicle to promote global education by tapping into children's innate capacities to learn, share, and create on their own, its aim is to provide them a tool with which children in even the most remote regions of the globe will be given the opportunity to tap into their own potential, to be exposed to a whole world of ideas, and to contribute to a more productive and saner world community.

Try it.    You'll be glad you did.

Click this line to see this year's program.

If you can handle Flash, you'll be able to see this:

P.S. - Here's mine from last year.             POSTED AT 1:15 PM

Compared with my MacBook -
So you can see their screens -
This is the XO screen -


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