Tuesday, December 02, 2008


You'll recall that I've been having a problem getting my Parallels app to run properly so that I could transfer files back and forth between its virtual Windows computer and my 'real' MacBook.    Yesterday (CyberMonday) I saw the $80 VMWare Fusion (virtual Windows on a Mac) application on sale for half off with a $30 mail-in rebate offer.    Sweet.   

Oh, maybe you don't recall that and wonder why a Macintosh guy would care about running a Windows application.    Well, it seems that the fluxus engineering free Phylogenetic Network software only runs on Windows.    And it's how I generate my cladograms.

A case in point - that long overdue Augusta/Washington Co. Berry 37 marker cladogram -

So, as you see, I hit the PayPal button and downloaded the application.    Fusion works great.    To transfer between the real computer and the virtual computer you just drag and drop, just like another folder or window.


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