Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Orange Co., NC Berrys

At various times I've postulated that Billy, #8, is the ancestral haplotype for this family, and at other times I've suggested Wiley, #18.    Click here.

I've just run new 37 marker cladograms and I want to show you two results.

First, using Dean McGee's Y-Utility to generate the .ych file, our cladogram looks like this:

However, when I direct Dean's Utility to create a modal for the family, the modal coincides with Wiley and the resulting cladogram looks like this:

Perhaps it should be shown as -
(The top left guy is 83, not 3)

Any of you Orange folks have an opinion on this?    Not the aesthetics of which presentation is better, but which of these folks might represent the ancestral haplotype for this family, and why?


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