Friday, February 27, 2009

Billy and SMGF

We should, of course, mention that the final 7 markers of Billy's , #8, Y-Refine37to67 order arrived yesterday.    He's the second of the 11 Orange Co., NC Berrys to test to 67 markers.    No additional differences between those two.

Additionally, SMGF has just posted new haplotypes and genealogical records to the Sorenson mtDNA and Y-chromosome databases.    I'm not yet sure how many additional data we may find because there are now 31,706 haplotypes with more than seven markers.    That compares to 30,362 in August 2009, or just 1,344 new haplotypes.    mtDNA has just 1,082 new sequences in the same time period (63,902 vs. 62,820).    It'll take me a little while to go through the databases to find additional markers for the folks that now have some (I have looked at mine;  still the same puny 19 markers) and to find what new Berry haplotypes are there   -    and to see whether they're really new or whether they're markers for one of our members.    A further complication is that SMGF limits the number of searches I can make in a 24 hour period.    Don't remember now what that limit is.

I'll post stuff as I discover it.


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