Thursday, February 12, 2009


Bill, #73, has just ordered his Y-Refine12to37 upgrade.    Good for him!    At present Bill has no matches and is not likely to find any by ordering more markers but doing so is absolutely the right move!    Now, when that match does show up there'll be no wondering whether it's real or not.    Unfortunately, we won't know when to expect Bill's results until next Wednesday evening when his sample is shipped to the lab.

I had high hopes when Bill first ordered because William Martin Berry is also my great grandfather's name.

Another thing Bill, and all the rest of you who have not yet done so, should do is upload his results to Ysearch.    On your FTDNA personal page, go to your 'Y-DNA Matches' tab.    Take a look to see if the 'Click here to upload to' line is there.    If that line's not there, no worry.   You've already done it.    If it is there, click it.    This doesn't happen automatically, only semi-automatically.    You don't have to type the numbers in but you do have to click the 'Click here to upload to' line in the 'Y-DNA Matches' tab.    Fill in the info asked for and let me know what your Ysearch ID is so I can put a link for you on the yResults pages.

If you didn't test with FTDNA, no worry.    You can still upload your results to Ysearch.    I'll be happy to guide you through it, or do it for you, if you'll let me know you need help by clicking here.

Using Ysearch will enable you to search for matches with folks who have tested with many labs.    You can read about Ysearch here.

P.S. - POSTED AT 2:45 PM
Carol points out that Bill's yAncestry matches the Madison Co. Berrys and that one of his differences is a two-step mutation at DYS 390.    I do have Bill in my Madison Co. Berrys database, so although he is a GD of 3 from those folks maybe this will turn out to be one of those 12 marker 'false negatives' and the 37 markers will bring him into line with them.    Let's hope.


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