Thursday, February 26, 2009


O.K. you all.    I need some of you to put on your thinking caps.    We just got Joseph's, #109, results on Tuesday and he matched no one at FTDNA.   Still doesn't.    But he does seem to match SMGF Berry/Cornish at a gd of 3 comparing 28 markers.    But SMGF Berry/Cornish also matches Peter, #56, at a gd of 3 comparing 28 markers.    So Joseph and Peter must be related?

But look at this GD table.
Joseph and Peter have a GD of 11 comparing 37 markers.
What gives?    Anything?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be 'my' opinion that we can't draw ANY conclusions since the SMGF/Cornish man has not been tested on CDYa,CDYb, 576 and 570. Those fast moving markers are very important!! Peter and Joseph differ by one from each other on those markers. SMGF/Cornish is 'likely' to differ from Peter and/or Joseph too.

Carol Vass

10:35 AM  

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