Sunday, February 01, 2009

Project-wide genetic distances

Thanks to a gentle reminder from Cathy who sponsored her brother, James, #143, I was reminded that I needed to do a Project wide genetic distance survey.    Cathy was interested in particular to see whether James' results, which we imported from, matched anyone.    They did!    James is a part of the Berry Family that I haven't yet been able to name, comprised of BJ, #88, and Clifton, #98.

An interesting discovery (or perhaps, re-discovery, since I believe I've mentioned this before - here and here) is that Kevin, #84, of the Rockingham Co. Berrys seems to also be a match to the Faires Berrys although his match in the Rockingham Co. Berrys, Robert, #75, not so much comparing to the Faires Berrys.    Worth looking into you Faires/Rockingham folks.

Another interesting 'match' is a genetic distance of 1 (comparing 27 markers) between Philip, #10, and Doug, #121.    Philip is our adoptee looking for his family and Doug's Barry ancestors emigrated from Ireland to New York by way of Canada.    Philip tested 67 markers at FTDNA and Doug tested 30 markers at so they only have 27 markers in common to compare.    They differ by 1 at DYS385b.    It would be helpful if there were an inexpensive way to fill in some of those 40 additional markers to test the 'match'.

Of somewhat lesser interest because we don't know who they are is that two of the SMGF Barry testees seem related to each other, Barry/Kellett and Barry/Williams who differ by one at DYS447 comparing 32 markers.

You all can examine your genetic distances from any member of the Project by going here.    The ID column is by Participant ID#.    By hovering your cursor over the distances in your row or column the two ID's compared will appear.

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