Wednesday, March 11, 2009

English Colony Berrys

FTDNA returned the balance of Stephen's, #140, Y-DNA37 order and he seems to be most likely an English Colony Berry.    Here's the English Colony yResults table.    From what we can see here, Keith, #107, or Alan, #112, so far seem to represent the family haplotype -You may see the Project Family yResults table by clicking this line.

This genetic distance table shows why I say 'most likely'.    Stephen's distances are marginal to everyone except Keith, who, perhaps fortunately, may represent the family haplotype -
Here's the obligatory TMRCA -
So let's try a couple of cladograms.    You'll recall that to generate a cladogram you must compare the same markers from each haplotype.    Our first cladogram compares all 30 markers the six members of this family have in common.
We'll also take a look at the four members of the family who can compare all 37 markers.It might be somewhat interesting if Lawrence and Keith also had the faster moving markers DYS576 and 570, and CDYa & b to compare.

Clicking here will display the English Colony Berrys yAncestry.    Could Keith's 1731-1800/10 John Berry be the same person as Stephen's c1740-c1810 John Berry?


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