Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, all those new Berry/Barry/Barrie folks are merged, posted and compared.    Turns out there were really only nine of them, 'us' now, plus one new order.

Unfortunately, five of the nine have only 12 markers tested   (hard to know if any matches are real).    One has tested 37 markers and three have tested 67 markers.    The new order is for 25 markers.

I sent 'Welcome to the Project' emails to all last night, asking for their yAncestry, but haven't had any responses . . . . . . . yet.

These folks are all posted to the Project website, Participant ##s 149 thru 158, and I've run a genetic distance table which you can see by clicking this image -Dale, #156, is a Berry Plain Berry and has been included with that family.


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