Thursday, March 12, 2009

New members - WHOLESALE!

We started the Berry Family DNA Project in 2003 and it has always been a burr under my saddle that in about May 2005, almost two years after our 'Berry Project' had gotten underway and at a time when we already had 40 participants, FTDNA permitted WorldFamilies to start a 'Barry Project' with the same surnames.    There are 14 folks in that group, three of whom also belong to ours.    I compared the haplotypes of that group with our Project and one of them matches our Berry Plain Berry Family.    I pushed on FTDNA a little to get a way to contact those folks to invite them to also join our group.    My 'fall back' position was going to be to just ask for the email address of the Berry Plain guy to invite him.

FTDNA has just informed me that they are going to merge that group into ours!

Whup!    Here they are.   Guess I'll have to get busy.


Blogger Unknown said...

That's good news. 14 new members just like that. It looks like 44 people that don't really match anyone else, 9 groups of 2 and 12 clusters larger than 2. That's 65 distinct groups within 163 people. I would have never guessed that the Berry/Barry/Barrie family was so diverse.

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