Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This week I'm in Elkins, WV, for Betty's Spring Dulcimer Week at the Augusta Heritage Center.    I mostly just stay out of the way by hanging out with my friends Bob Smakula and Andy Fitzgibbon at SFI (Smakula Fretted Instruments) and volunteering to man the door (tickets and money) for the Thursday night concert.

Yesterday at SFI we celebrated an old friend's 100th birthday, unfortunately posthumously -
Melvin Wine was one of the old master West Virginia fiddlers who died six years ago at the age of 93 and who epitomized the Old Time West Virginia culture of 'passing it on'.

I'll try to get online tomorrow to say a little about what I'm working on this week but, to our main subject, John, #142, now has 25 markers and is definitely confirmed to be an Augusta/Washington Co. Berry.

John's results weren't expected until later in May but so far we've gotten two of his three panels more than a month ahead of time.    Perhaps his final panel is not far behind.

Additionally, Keith, #54, has gotten his results for his Deep Clade Extended C test.    I try not to pretend that I know about Deep Clade stuff but for those of you who are knowledgeable or interested, Keith is now haplogroup R1b1b2a1b5, shorthand R-L21, and his SNP results are: L11+ L21+ L23+ L49+ M126- M153- M160- M173+ M18- M207+ M222- M269+ M343+ M37- M65- M73- P107- P25+ P310+ P311+ P312+ P66- SRY2627- U106- U152- U198-


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