Friday, April 10, 2009

Results and a question

Y-DNA38-67 results came in for Keith, #54, yesterday.    Still no matches but Keith is the poster child for 12 marker 'false positive' results.    At 12 markers Kevin, #151, is an exact match to Keith and eight others are a distance of 1 from him.    At 25 markers, however, Kevin is a distance of 7, and at 37 markers, 12.

In addition, Edward, #110, received his Y-DNA26-37 upgrade.    A question for you Faires Berrys:    Take a look at the results for DYS576.    Does this fast moving marker separate family lines?  .  .  . or what's going on here?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The upgrade for Edward Arthur Berry is so fascinating. The 'paper trail' shows that Paul Dean Berry/David Scott Berry and Edward Arthur Berry are descendants of James R. Berry/Elizabeth Faires. (David Scott is NOT going to be upgraded. His test was only done to verify Paul Dean's haplotype.) Edward A. only differs from Paul Dean by one on DYS576.

The 'paper trail' shows that Theodore David Berry and Henry Berry are descendants of John Berry/Margaret McKinney. Henry Berry differs from Dave Berry by only one, also at DYS576.

There is NO "known" paper trail connecting the James R. Berry family to the John Berry/Margaret McKinney family, but Bob Berry is working hard to find a 'paper trail' connection.

HOWEVER, the fascinating part is that Paul Dean Berry and Theodore Dave Berry are EXACT 37/37 matches to each other. AND, Edward Arthur Berry and Henry Berry are EXACT 37/37 matches to each other. For all intents and purposes these two families are EXACT matches as I see it.

I can't read anything into results on the other Faires BERRYs in this cluster -- Dennis Edwin Berry, Samuel Tilton Berry, John Henry Berry or Rodney Patrick Berry. They are all a little more distant from the James R. Berry/Elizabeth Faries and John Berry/Margaret McKinney grouping -- both on 'paper' and in DNA results, although they clearly are closely related. I wish that Dennis Edwin Berry would upgrade to 37 markers. It seems possible that he might not continue to match as well.


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