Saturday, July 18, 2009

Where'd I put those glasses . . . ?

I swear, I thought I wrote this blog post yesterday!    Must be that Old Timer's Disease finally catching up with me.    Couldn't be that we've got Grandkid's Week starting tomorrow, Pigtown Fling next Saturday, leaving the following Monday for Clifftop, followed immediately by Augusta Old Time Week which we have to leave at the conclusion of class Friday for Berry Beach Week - kids, grandkids and dogs!.    Ah, retirement.

What I thought I wrote was that Lewis, #32, and Laurence, #9, both got results!    Their Y-DNA26-37 markers.    Lewis has a couple of interesting mutations in his third panel.    We'll have a closer look next time I do a cladogram of the Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys.

Only Laurence and Paul, #111, have tested to 37 markers in the New Jersey Berry Family.    They differ only at CDYb.    But both have a null at DYS448.


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