Monday, June 29, 2009

Those pesky Faires Berrys again

Preston Bell has just received the results for his Y-DNA38-67 upgrade and is a pretty fair match to our Faires Berrys.    Unfortunately, at the moment, none of them have tested beyond 37 markers.    Rodney, #146, has ordered his upgrade to 67 markers and that could be somewhat informative.    Anyone know of any Bells who were neighbors of your ancestors?

I thought this might be an opportune time to discuss some of the things that the distance tables may suggest.    I'll leave it to you all to decide what they mean.

Here's the entire 'family' including Mr. Bell:
We seem to have at least 2, perhaps 3, groups within the family.    Dennis, #31, Sam, #139, David, #161 and Bell in one group and Paul, #36, David, #59, Henry, #108, Edward, #110, John, #114, Theodore, #137 and Rod, #146 in another.

Here's the latter group, including Sam, #139, who, at best, seems only 'probably' related:
Here's the 'small' group, including Sam who doesn't seem related at all:
So, here's the small group without Sam:
And the large group without Sam:
Also, consider that David, #59, only has tested to 12 markers and things could change markedly for him upon further testing.

But wait    --    I wonder what if we also looked at the Rockingham Co. Berrys who have also been suspiciously close to the Faires Berrys?

Here's the entire group:
Hm-m-m-m-m.    Maybe we ought to just put Kevin, #84, with the Faires Berrys 'large group':
I have not reviewed anyone's yAncestry to see what the paper trails indicate.    I'll let you all take a look at that.

I'd like to be copied on your discussions, though, please.    And if you could include your Participant #s with your emails I won't have to take the time to try to figure out who you are.    Thanks.


Blogger Sue Barry said...

I've looked at the y ancestrys.... #36 and #59 point to the same ancestor. #110 has an ancestor that could or could not be related. Rod#146 and Sam #139 if related are related a whole lot farther back than any of us have done research. Also, would be interested in whether the immigrants were Catholic or protestant. Ireland was used in census regardless of north Ire or main Ireland, which we all know is a large difference. I hope Rod's 67 marker will provide more info, but I've always been leary of putting him in this group, as 2 of the marker differences put him at more like a 960 years to connecting ancestor!

9:38 AM  
Anonymous dnaattorney said...

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