Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well, not exactly an 'end-of-year' summary but several smaller items have happened recently that deserve mention.

A few days ago SMGF posted another upload and we had one new Berry and one updated.    Donald's, #157, results were updated to the full 43 markers, all of which have been posted.    The new addition has been identified as a Patrick Berry (still carried in our tables as 'Berry/Malone' and whose haplotype is closest to that of the Barry/Berry family.    'Closest' but not definitive enough to make that call since he is missing those fast moving markers in FTDNA's third panel which often define or distinguish a haplotype.

Speaking of tables, the Project-wide Genetic Distance and TMRCA tables have been updated and may be seen by clicking these links:    Genetic Distances       TMRCA

Additionally, David, #136, a Barry/Berry, has been receiving marker panels and is now only missing Y-DNA38-47 of his 67 marker order.

Oh, remember that FGS sale?    Five of us in the Project took advantage of it, apparently as well as many others since the 'expected results day' has been slipped a couple of times with the message, "mtDNA full sequence tests are processing at full speed. The first round of testing is expected to be complete by this date."    I guess we'll soon know if there's to be any more slippage since the first 'this date' is tomorrow.

And Patrick, #60, undertook to ransom out the GeneTree linked SMGF results of Bryan Fleetwood Berry who is now Participant #184, an Augusta/Washington Co. Berry.

I think that's all the bits and pieces I have to pick up.


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