Friday, January 15, 2010

23andMe Testers! -- Heads Up!

Another reason to take advantage of the FREE (but so far as I know, temporary) deCODEme offer.    23andMe==>deCODEme

deCODEme compare function now has selectable thresholds

With it you can make finer comparisons with your 23andMe data using the deCODEme compare function while employing different thresholds.

First, look at this example by Rebekah Canada.    Click this link to see it.

Note the shared half-identical segment on Chromosome 10 between Rebekah and J Borges but no similar segment on Chormosome 10 between Rebekah and J's mother, Katherine Borges.

Then, examine these comparisons between Rebekah and Katherine.    My apologies that the colors may have been degraded by the copying process to post the images here.

Threshold = 20Mb
Threshold = 5Mb
Threshold = 3Mb
Threshold = 2Mb
Threshold = 1Mb
Threshold = 500Kb
Threshold = 250KbFrom the deCODEme notes:

"As each person carries 23 pairs of chromosomes (i.e. two copies of each chromosome), a comparison between two individuals for any particular chromosome fragment has three possible outcomes:

(1) neither copy matches – defined as “low sharing”, depicted as light blue (2) only one of the two copies matches – defined as “medium sharing”, depicted as brown (3) both copies match – defined as “high sharing”, depicted as orange"

Here are comparisons at the 1Mb level between my two sisters and myself.

Jim and Peg
Jim and Susan
Peg and Susan


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