Sunday, January 17, 2010

Site enhancements - Advanced Markers

If they're anything, those Barry/Berrys are explorers.    All of its six members have tested at least 67 markers.    Unfortunately, four of them still match exactly at 67 markers.

In order to try to try to find some differences to establish branches within the family, Chuck, #77, and Bill, #79, have gone to the Palindromic Pack, testing DYF399a, b and c.    Whut?    Finally!    A difference of 1 between them at DYF399b.

Just in case the rest of this family, or anyone else, wants to use those fast moving markers, I've added the entire FTDNA Panel 5 Palindromic Pack* to the end of the yResults page's markers.

The Project continues to grow.    We've just added Galen Stover Beery, #187, whose yAncestry looks like he should match Richard, #82.

*Palindromic Pack - I've been waiting forever for FTDNA to put this on sale so that I can jump on it.    No dice.    Sales come and sales go without anything for the 'Advanced Markers'.


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