Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I've Tested at 23andMe, Now What?

Try a variety of tools to help you further explore your ancestry:

Compiled by Dienekes Pontikos the EURO-DNA-CALC will produce a pie chart of "Northwestern European", "Southeastern European", or "Ashkenazi Jewish".    The calc uses 300 markers from a scientific study.

Comparing Two Raw Data Files from 23andMe
This utility developed by David Pike looks at two people's raw data files and reports information about shared strands of DNA (either single strands or double strands).    This program has a threshold that can be varied so that it detects more segments than Relative Finder and Family Inheritance.    NOTE:   Upload FULL raw data files.

Analysing 23andMe Raw Data for Runs of Homozygosity
Another utility by David Pike which analyses a single raw data file and reports information about strands of homozygous DNA.    A particularly long homozygous segment can indicate that one's parents share a common ancestor with each other, i.e.: cousin marriages.    NOTE:   Upload FULL raw data files.

Further explore your health and traits:

A free shareware program that uses SNPedia to create a report with additional health and trait information.    Its highly recommended that you watch the demo video and a video tutorial is coming soon.

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