Thursday, February 18, 2010

23andMe ==> FTDNA FF?

For what it's worth, as soon as I heard about FTDNA's new Family Finder testing I wrote FTDNA . . .
"I have my 23andMe raw data.    Will there be any way to utilize it with your Family Finder database?"

. . . and promptly received this reply:
"We may have, in the months to come, something that will allow uploading the 23andMe results, but please note that since the SNPs are not exactly the same in the 2 platforms, when comparing the Illumina (23andMe) results with the Affymetrix (FTDNA) results you will not get the same level of matches as you would if comparing Illumina v. Illumina, or Affy vs. Affy.    It's like comparing our 37-marker test with another company Y-DNA test.

Max Blankfeld
Vice-President, Operations and Marketing"

Since ours is an open Project, we make those comparisons all the time, usually with informative results.    It seems to me a hopeful answer.


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