Thursday, March 18, 2010

Barry/Berry developments

Carl, #188, recently received his Y-DNA67 results which are now posted and the Barry/Berrys have been discussing their meaning.    They have arrived at maybe a couple hypotheses that could explain the results and I'm certain that they would be happy to discuss them with anyone interested.

I'll not copy their haplotypes here but will link to them through this link.

In addition, I will post the Barry/Berrys genetic distance table and TMRCA.

Plus, I thought I might try my favorite and see what a cladogram of the family might look like.    So we have -As you know I claim no expertise in the interpretation of cladograms, but I do have a lay opinion that I don't mind sharing.    It seems to me that parhaps the Barry/Berrys may have not yet found their ancestral haplotype or common ancestor and that he may well be represented by mv1 in the diagram above.


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