Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Accuracy Counts

It's now been so long that It's hard to remember for sure   --   but I think it was last October (that would be 2009) that several of our Participants, including Betty, #m1, and Brian, #49, ordered FGS tests or mtHVR2toMega(FGS).    All have been returned except Betty's and Brian's.    I think FTDNA is now to batch 356 or 357.    Brian and Betty were batches 330 and 331, respectively.

As you might have guessed by now, their results are still not back.    Instead, both have messages that begin:

   Due to the overwhelming number of full mtDNA sequence orders received in the past months, we have again examined our testing process to find the bottlenecks that limit us most in how quickly we can produce results. To resolve the bottleneck in the time it takes to analyze sequences, we have contacted the company whose software we use for sequence analysis. We developed some enhancements that will reduce the amount of time required for analysis without compromising quality. While this will help in speeding up the delivery of results, we still count on your understanding and patience until your test is complete. Currently we have already delivered results for 95% of your batch. We will actively provide you with additional status updates if your results are not delivered by this target date.

Brian's concludes:

   Most remaining orders in this batch are waiting for additional samples to be returned from participants before testing can continue. Reruns continue as needed for those whose original samples still have sufficient quality DNA and for those who have already returned additional swabs for testing.

and Betty's concludes:

   Tests remaining in this batch have required multiple rerun attempts and are on at least the second sample. You may have received a kit to collect additional samples in order for the testing to continue. We continue to rerun your test as necessary to obtain a clear and complete result. We will continue to upload results from this batch as the samples produce clear and complete results.


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